Alex Tropynine Death – Passed Away: McMaster swimming alumni Alex Tropynine was announced deceased on Twitter, Friday, December 3rd, 2021. Alex Tropynine from British Columbia, Canada passed away at the age of 25. Details of Alex Tropynine’s passing are not known at this time.

“We are devastated to learn of the passing of McMaster swimming alumni Alex Tropynine at the age of 25. Broken heart…The entire Marauder community sends its deepest condolences to Alex’s family, friends, teammates, loved ones, and all those whose lives he touched,” McMaster Marauders wrote on Twitter.

When was Alex Tropynine born? Alex Tropynine was born in 1996. The actual date of birth is unknown to us at the time of this publication. Alex was a Russian-Canadian born. He was a Content Creator, Snowboarder, Mountain Bike, Swimmer and Mechanical Engineer.

“Rest in Peace @alextropynine coolest dude I met streaming, amazing teammate. Just straight love for this dude. He showed so much kindness. You are loved by the mixer community you had. Much Love and Prayer to his family.”

“Hey Jamie. Static here. I know you wouldn’t remember me, but I used to be a moderator for Alex. I hope you’re doing well brother, and rest in piece to Alex. Absolutely devastating. Stay safe man”

“Absolutely devastated of hearing the news that a really good friend that I made in the gaming space has passed away Loudly crying face @alextropynine or better known to most of us as Trofly, Rest In Peace Pleading face… Your energy, commitment and whole character was incredible to be around”

Alex Tropynine obituary and funeral arrangements have not yet been posted. We will update with more if and when we receive more confirmed information.

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