The newest edition of QuickBooks, which includes improved features and functionalities, is released every year. The new QuickBooks desktop 2023 version is now available in stores as 2023 draws near. It came out in September 2022. Both normal users and accountants will benefit greatly from the latest update’s numerous additional features.

However, if you are looking for any help or want to speak with an expert, then you can contact our executives by doing live chat or booking an appointment and discussing your issue directly with our QuickBooks support team. We are a group of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, who work round the clock to provide the best possible services to you across the globe.

Changes to QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Pricing

The pricing for QuickBooks Desktop 2023 has changed from the previous version. The new pricing structure is as follows:

QuickBooks Desktop ProductsPrice
QuickBooks 2023 Desktop Pro Plus$549
QuickBooks 2023 Desktop Mac Plus$549
QuickBooks 2023 Desktop Premier Plus$799
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 23.0Price is unchanged for the 2023 launch
QuickBooks 2023 ProAdvisorPremier Bundle $799
QuickBooks 2023 ProAdvisorEnterprise Bundle $1299

Pricing for QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Online Products

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 also offers online products with different pricing options. Here are the pricing details for the online products:

QuickBooks Online Version ProductsPrice
QuickBooks Online Simple Start$30/mo
QuickBooks Online Essentials$55/mo
QuickBooks Online Plus$85/mo
QuickBooks Online Advance$200/mo
QuickBooks Online Multi-Company PackageParent Entity-30% off current retail price. $20 for each additional file.

Points to consider

A person should select the appropriate product based on the size of their firm. If a user runs a business and wants it to expand in the future, they should select a product properly.

  • The software known as QuickBooks Desktop is comprehensive and effectively made.
  • QuickBooks Online is utilized for business operations that require streamlining.
  • QuickBooks is ideal for all types of businesses.
  • A dynamic piece of software, QuickBooks Online provides a long list of features and capabilities that cover every facet of accounting, bookkeeping, and financial reporting for businesses of all sizes.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2023

Quick features and functionalities offered by QuickBooks desktop plus 2023 are as follows:

Although it wasn’t newly added in QuickBooks desktop plus 2023, customers still have access to the vehicle mileage monitoring tool. This is available from the corporate menu. It should be noted that iOS-compatible mobile devices have the capability of updating track mileage.

In addition, accessing this function requires a connection and login to an Intuit account. On iOS-compatible mobile devices, only QuickBooks desktop enterprise, pro plus, and premier plus users can track mileage. Additionally, using a desktop computer or mobile device enables the user to conveniently record, monitor, and view business mileage in a single area.

New Cash Flow Hub

One can quickly inspect, monitor, and track the cash flow with the help of this new tool. The central hub function of the cash flow hub feature enables access to the tracked accounts. This also aids in managing money-in and -out transactions and tracking the available cash. The account balances can also be checked, accounts may be added to the list of accounts being followed, trends in the cash balances can be examined, the performance of the cash flow hub can be tracked over time, and past-due bills and payments can be managed.

All US users of 2023 desktop plus, enterprise, and accountants currently have access to this feature. The user can access this function by selecting the cash flow hub from the company menu and then clicking Manage Accounts to view the reports. 

Latest Node Card Reader:

The most recent node card reader is additional functionality. All editions of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 23.1 that have a current QuickBooks Payments account can use this functionality, as can QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Accountant Plus 2023, and all other editions. By selecting the Pick Customers option and then selecting the Received Payment from the menu bar, you can quickly access this feature. This feature enables the user to access contactless cards, apple pay, google play, and a range of other client payment methods. It also supports the newest node card reader.

Since the QuickBooks payments function is connected with QuickBooks, when a user starts utilizing this new feature, the payments are immediately recorded and matched, ensuring that the books remain structured without any further work on the user’s part. 

Employment or Earnings Verification by Equifax:

For active users of the QuickBooks desktop payroll service, this new tool from Equifax and QuickBooks automates requests for proof of employment and income information. Responding to information requests is facilitated by this feature. A Benefits and HR tab is now available in the QuickBooks desktop options. Income and employment verification will be a component under the corporate preferences tab. 

Optimized Payment Links Tracking in QuickBooks Desktop 2023:

The QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Accountant Plus 2023, and all editions of Desktop Enterprise 23.0 that have a current QuickBooks payments account are all eligible to use this feature. Sending a payment link makes it simple to collect money for non-invoiced purchases, and the new payments links dashboard allows you to view the status. It is also useful for receiving payments without issuing invoices for first consultations, down payments, and much more. Additionally, the new payment links dashboard enables tracking request progress and gives reminders. For your consumers to make a payment, you may just email or text them a link.

HCM with 401(k) Guidelines

For QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Accountant Plus 2023, and all editions of Desktop Enterprise 23.0, with an active Assisted Payroll subscription, the HCM with 401(k) guidelines function is accessible. The user only needs to add a 401k payroll deduction to the list of payroll items to get started. To allocate specific employees’ 401(k) items, the user will then need to navigate to the employee’s option and select the employee center from the menu bar.

When customers have a subscription to QuickBooks Desktop 2023 aided payroll2, guidelines, and QuickBooks gives users fully integrated 401(k) plans, the employees will greatly benefit from the retirement programs. In QuickBooks Desktop, one may quickly select and set up a plan that works for the company and staff. There are no additional steps required once they are set up and running assisted payroll with their new contributions because the Guideline receives the data and donations automatically.

Process Clearances for Bills and Purchase Orders:

Both QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise (Platinum, Diamond) 23.0 and QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant 23.0 include this capability. To configure the approval procedure, the user only needs to log in as the admin user. Next, select Company from the menu bar and then click Set up Approval Processes to access it. One may simply maintain business oversight and help to combat fraud with the ability to approve purchase orders and bills in a single dashboard.

Additionally, the user may simply assign accounts payable and buy order tasks thanks to the bill and purchase order approval procedure. Working ahead of deadlines can be facilitated by ongoing oversight of approved transactions with automatic audit trail information, such as the name of the approver, the creator’s information, and any pertinent remarks.

Inventory Expiration Dates on Lot Numbers:

The Enterprise Accountant 23.0 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise (Platinum, Diamond) both have inventory expiration dates on the lot number feature. By logging in as an administrator account, one can access this feature. Then select the edit and preferences tabs. then choosing the inventory and products from the menu bar. After completing that, the user should click the Advanced Inventory Settings button and then select the Serial/Lot No. & Expiration tab. The user can then select which objects require a lot number and, if necessary, an expiration date once the feature has been activated.

This feature supports expiration dates and enables detailed multi-level categorization, which may aid the user in effectively and efficiently managing the inventory. Additionally, the user may easily reduce business losses and sell goods quickly by assigning the inventory expiration dates and including them in transactions like sales orders, invoices, etc. Furthermore, the user can benefit from reduced business responsibility by including expiration dates in client contacts. To act quickly, the user can also access reports on inventory that has already expired or is about to do so by lot or serial number, as well as a history of transactions. 

Improved Report Optimization In QuickBooks Desktop 2023:

With some of the more complex reports in QuickBooks, users with large company files frequently experience challenges with the report compilation time. The performance of report compilation for larger corporate file sizes (>300 MB) would be improved by this advanced feature. Although the reporting interface will remain unchanged, the reports load quicker in QuickBooks Desktop 2023 than they did in past versions.

Improved Accounting Software for Mac Plus 2023:

Additionally, you may save a tonne of time by automatically marking the payment as paid and receiving an alert when the funds are sent. You can easily expand your financial flexibility by transferring money via physical cheque or bank transfer after paying the vendors with a card or bank transfer. Credit card payments, the use of the optional Fast ACH and Fast Check expedite services, and other choices all have additional costs.

In conclusion

QuickBooks has released its latest edition, QuickBooks Desktop 2023, which comes with additional features and functionalities for users and accountants. The pricing structure for QuickBooks Desktop 2023 has also changed from the previous version, with different pricing options for online products as well.

It is important to select the appropriate product based on the size of the business, and QuickBooks Desktop is comprehensive and effectively made, while QuickBooks Online is ideal for business operations that require streamlining. QuickBooks Desktop 2023 offers various features such as a vehicle mileage monitoring tool, a new Cash Flow Hub, the latest Node Card Reader, and the Employment or Earnings Verification tool by Equifax, among others. Users can contact the QuickBooks support team for any help or issues related to the software.


What is QuickBooks Desktop 2023?

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 is the latest version of QuickBooks software, with improved features and functionalities. It is available for purchase in stores and online.

How do I get help with QuickBooks Desktop 2023?

You can contact QuickBooks support executives by live chat or booking an appointment to discuss your issue with a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

What are the changes to QuickBooks Desktop 2023 pricing?

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 pricing has changed, with different pricing options for different products. Prices range from $549 to $1,299, depending on the product and bundle.

What are some points to consider when choosing a QuickBooks product?

Consider the size of your business, whether you want to streamline operations, and whether you need comprehensive and dynamic accounting software with features that cover every facet of accounting.

What are some of the new features in QuickBooks Desktop 2023?

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 has new features, including a vehicle mileage monitoring tool, cash flow hub, latest node card reader, employment and earnings verification by Equifax, and optimized payment link tracking.