Almudena Grandes Death – Cause of Death : Renowned Spanish storyteller Almudena Grandes has been pronounced dead at age 61 after a courage battle with cancer. In October, 2020, Grandes opened about her battle with cancer. Her cause of death is associated with the disease. Revealing about her health condition, Grandes took a column, published in The weekly country to announce it.

In March 2007, in the El corazón helado[4] book presentation, some writer’s statements caused a great controversy: when she was asked if she would eradicate anything, the writer jokingly said that she would silence two or three voices that riled her, according to some sources. It was interpreted that the reference was directed to the right-wing radio announcers such as Federico Jimenez Losantos.

  • Born Almudena Grandes Hernández
  • Date of Birth – 7 May 1960 (age 61)
  • Place of Birth – Madrid, Spain
  • Language Spanish
  • Citizenship Spain
  • Genre Fiction

Excerpt from Wikipedia Almudena Grandes Biography

She studied geography and history at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She is married to the poet Luis García Montero. In 1989 she won the La Sonrisa Vertical prize with her erotic novel Las edades de Lulú, which has been translated into several languages. Bigas Luna made a movie based on this book, as did Gerardo Herrero with Malena es un nombre de tango and Juan Vicente Córdoba with El lenguaje de los balcones in his film Aunque tú no lo sepas. As Emilie L. Bergmann said, her novel Las edades de Lulú (1989) “represented a breakthrough for eroticism in women’s writing”