The Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to the Republic of Sudan, Ali Jaafar, revealed the details of the evacuation of 157 people from the Republic of Sudan, specifically from dangerous areas.

Jaafar said: All Saudi citizens were evacuated from Khartoum, despite the unfavorable conditions as a result of the military actions there, and we were able to expel the nationals of Gulf countries and other countries, who numbered approximately 157 individuals, in several stages.

He added: «In the beginning, three convoys were taken out of the danger zone in Khartoum, then we headed with no less than 32 cars by land that passed several states, including Al-Jazeera and Kassala, until we reached the Red Sea state, and everything they asked for during travel was facilitated. The road was escorted by protection cars until we reached the city of Port Sudan, as five Saudi ships were waiting for us, ready to transport the nationals, and they were evacuated to the Kingdom.

Okaz (Khartoum) @okaz_online